Parca temple

General InformationEdit

Parca Temple


You can teleport here when u are lvl 45 or higher.

At Kata u should make your Return point there , Set Parca Temple as your return point and u will respawn there each time u die.



Monsters are listed in order of level

  • Parasite
  • Rock Pressure
  • Praus
  • Carcer
  • Superiorsite
  • Superiorssure
  • Praus Rude
  • Farrel Praus
  • Farrel Carcer


Frizkhan Lord. - Gate of Iron.

Giant Horace - Gate or Venom.

Succubus Queen - Gate of Dreams.

Fistrom - Gate of Flame.

Tider - Gate of ice.

Esimed - Gate of Lightning.


These quests start in Parca Temple

CQ( Commision Quest ) Invader in the shrine. ( Lvl 24. )

Goal : Kill 40 Parasites And Rock Pressures.

Reward : 960 Adv Points

48.189 Exp Points.

1 Incar´s Sign.

CQ( Commision Quest) Praus in the Shrine. ( Lvl 27. )

Goal : Kill 70 Praus ( Normal Praus only , Not Ferral or Rude. )

Reward : 1,150 Adv points.

48,000 Exp points ( Under lvl 46 ) - 4,800 Exp Points ( Above lvl 47 )

1 Incar´s Sign


Right around Kata in the temple lvl 40 + fishing pole


When You reach lvl 38 u can take Boss Quests at Kata.

Recommended : These bosses are Mostly too strong for u to take on while being lvl 38 .

u Can Kill them , but i will take u very long and also a lot of health / or mana potions.

So try Finding a party or someone with a high lvl who can help u.