About the Messenger System

The Messenger System lets you send messages to players on your “Friend List” in the same server group.

Using the Messenger System

1. Adding a New Friend

* Select a player’s character and select the “Friend” button from the Interaction Menu. (To open the Interaction Menu, click the arrow at the top of the screen, next to the character’s name.) 
* The other player will receive a message inviting them to be friends. If they accept, they will be added to your Friend List. 

2. Friends’ Status

* To see which of your friends are in the game and information about their current status, press the “Messenger” button at the bottom of the page (the envelope) or press the “F” key. 
* The Messenger window shows your friends’ Class, Character Name and Level, as well as their connection status and server. 
* If a friend is online, the character name will be displayed in yellow. 
* If a friend is offline, the character name will be displayed in grey. 

3. Sending Messages

* You can only send a message to a friend who is online. 
* Select a friend to send messages, and click on the “Talk” button. 
* Type messages in the window that pops up. 

4. Receiving Messages

* When you receive a message, you will hear a bell sound and the number of remaining messages will appear in the [Message Notification Window].