AK Skills Mastery

Mastery Skills

Mastery Skills are all the skills that you will use based on the weapon type you choose..

Alot of different players will use different weapons.

about 70-90% of these skills are 1 v 1 skills...

But occasionly some will be AOE's

Skill Names & What they do: Edit


Sword Mastery: Puts up sword attack power

Sharpen Blade: Quickly spins the body and hits the enemy once

Sword Defense: Reduces damage by raising block and defense

Faedol Launch: Quickly stabs an enemy and reduces max hp for a short time

Air Smashing: Quick 6-hit attack


Mace Mastery: Puts up mace attack power

Mace Bash: Uses the mace to attack an enemy once

Armor Breaker: Hits the enemy with the mace and reduces the enemies defense

Heavy Blow: Two hit AOE attack, last hit has a chance to stun

Solar Evil: Three hit attack that has a chance to mob stun


Axe Mastery: Puts up axe attack power

Bleed Slash: Two hit attack on a single enemy

Achilles Tendon: One hit attack that has a chance to slow your enemies movement spped aswell as bleeding and the possible chance of BLOW

Wrist Chop: Two hit attack that has a chance to slow your enemies attacking speed

Sonic Massacre: Four hit move (rumored that first 2 hits are single and last two are piercing AOE hits)


Dual Mastery: Puts up dual attack power

Cross Peircing: Quick two hit move that stabs and slashes an enemy

Cyclone Slash: Quick four hit move

Energtic Blade: A single, long distant attack

Igen Dash: A quick 6 hit move, last hit has a small AOE hit

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