Martial Arts mostly consist of the lower level skills and buffs, mostly consisting of attacks of a physical nature.

Wild Bash

Required Level: 0

A one-hit overhead attack, this skill comes with the character.

Martial Arts Mastery

Required Level: 5

This skill increses the Bagi's attack power and critical rate permanently. Also required to learn any other skills than Wild Bash.

Double Smash

Required Level: 7

Another basic attack, this frontal attack hits one enemy twice.

Instinct Speed

Required Level: 10

The Bagis first buff, this increses attack and movement speed for a short time.

Hard Blow

Required Level: 15

This is a slightly more advanced attack, consisting of 3 frontal attacks on one enemy followed by an AOE overhead attack.

Instinct Power

Required Level: 30

The Bagis second buff, this increses attack power for a short time

Triple Ravage

Required Level: 50

This attack consists of 2 frontal hits to one enemy followed by a diving kick, knocking all near enemies back and electricuting them.

Bull's Cry

Required Level: 60

This buff gives the Bagi the strength and speed of a raging bull, incresing both his attack speed and damage for a while. Casting it also damages and knocks back nearby enemies.

Temperence to the Limit

Required Level: 50

This buff prevents the Bagi from being knocked back, but also nullifies his own knock-backs, making this a bitter-sweet exchange.

Shock Wave

Required Level: 37

This skill distorts the space around an enemy, causing them to be suspended in time momentaraly (stunning them), and attacking them twice in the process. This skill also attacks all nearby enemies 2 times

Mad Bloods

Required Level: 67

This skill shows the true brutality of the Bagi, hitting a single enemy 6 times and ending with an AOE attack.

Spirit Shout

Required Level: 82

This skill emenates a Bagis energy around him, causing damage to all surrounding enemies 4 times. The final hit knocks back and damages all nearby enemies.