Loa castle

General InformationEdit

Loa Castle is one of the two central cities of the 2Moons world (other of which is Braiken Castle). Loa Castle is a central marketplace and contains the core set of NPCs, merchants, skill trainers, and other services. This area is a safe zone, being one of two areas where shops may be opened. Loa Castle and Braiken Castle are the starting locations of the game.


Loa Castle (often 'Loa' for short) is a starting point for the game. When a new character is created, the player may choose 'Loa Castle' as a starting location. Many teleporters throughout the game are equipped to send a character to this zone, as well. There is one zone portal to the north that leads to North Morte


Alvin(Teleporter), Anais(Segnale weapon merchant), Audry(Hunter weapon merchant), Bastian(Request for Seige Battle), Bilardo(Fisher), Bruna(Hunter Skill Master), Cain(Guild Master), Damein(Segnale Armor Merchant), Delkador(Consul, Return Master), Dustin(Eastern Guard), Eloi(Magician Skill Master), Emily(Hunter Armor Merchant), Esteban(Poet), Fidelio(Eastern Guard), Florence(Magician Armor Merchant), Gemma(Summoner Armor Merchant), Gerrard(Stashkeeper), Gilbert(Southern Guard), Gino(Western Guard), Giovanni(Summoner Skill Master), Goofy(Beggar), Grina(Fortress Voucher Supplier), Hestia(Knight Armor Merchant), Hurichelle(Northern Guard), Isabelle(Summoner Weapon Merchant), Isadora(Alchemist), Judene(Knight Skill Master), Katie(Magician Weapon Merchant), Kenneth(Teleporter), Kilu(Warrior Weapon Merchant), Lobo(Hunter), Mailbox, Mailbox, Marielle(Madame), Mighty(Southern Guard), Natos(Warrior Skill Master), Othelia(Gypsy), Pablos(Blacksmith, Additional Armor Merchant), Pluto(Guard), Poia(Warrior Armor Merchant), Rika(Northern Guard), Salvator(Stashkeeper), Sanson(Western Guard), Simba(Guard), Sonia(Knight Weapon Merchant), Stacy(Exchange Center), Valencia(Guard), Valerie(Segnale Skill Master), Yachi(Drunkard), Yuchi(Girl)


Monsters are listed in order of level

  • Blaverus
  • Mofa
  • Argama
  • Mollusk


  • Blaverus Queen
  • Aramon Lord
  • Langrama Arch
  • Grand Mofa


These quests start in Loa Castle

  • big ass list here


The moat around Loa Castle and some lakes can be used for fishing. Fishing level requirement in Loa Castle is 1.


  • Loa Castle is known as the major marketplace for shops. You can often find hundreds of shops open inside Loa.