Lightning Mastery: Increases Lightning elemental damage by 3% and resistance by 1% at level 1. At level 5, the resistance increases by 2% each level.

Lightning bolt: A level 7 spell that has a chance of hitting more than 1 opponent.

Chain Lightning: A linear AOE that has a chance of hitting two or more times.

Lightning Chase: A two hit AOE that hits enemies around the target.

Lightning Circle: A three hit AOE that hits a target and the monsters around.

Cruelty Lightning: A 6 hit single target spell.

Thunder Spear: A 2 hit Linear AOE

Imitid Flash: A 6 hit AOE that is casted on you. After the first hit, it increases lightning damage by 20% at level 1 and you do 2x lightning damage at lvl 9.