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The Bagi are not of The Abyss, yet they are not completely of Haran either. Untold centuries ago, the warrior race known as The Bagi was not as they are now. Their battlecraft was as powerful and deadly as any found in Haran. What most would refer to as magic, The Bagi know as calling. From the core of their being, they call forth primal energies to crush their foes. The more skilled a warrior is, the more disciplined, the deeper and more destructive the force he can summon. Abaddon tried to destroy The Bagi with a disease conjured in the bowels of The Abyss. It was meant to corrupt The Bagi, to transform them into Pitborn. And if not for the will of the people, if not for their discipline, it would have succeeded. It was only the force of their will that allowed them to resist a complete corruption. Now, their bloodline is forever tainted, their bodies cursed to bear the marks of The Abyss. Half man, half Pitborn, brother to none, enemy to all, a Bagi Warrior bows to no one.

Info about the Bagi

Bagi's are known to be great high level pvp characters, mainly by using their knockback skills and huge shield in their advantage. Also, if the player doesn't have the skills and the experience of a creating a Bagi it will be most of the times defeated by some other classes that can easilly outdamage him. Despite all of it, there's a reason why Bagi's are know as "pvp kings"...