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Posing AK

Azure Knight

The Azure Knight is very effective in both PVE and PVP. They are very powerful when it comes to tanking and taking down their opponents very fast.

A lot of the AK's in Expedition have decided the best way to pvp is to set their strength as high as they can and have 150-200 heal points... This is very effective but also very risky, if you are a person that likes to level... May I suggest not using this build at higher levels.

Skills Edit

Tips Edit

Ask around for tips of different builds such as:

Knight: (Dual)

Str: Rest

Dex: Only for Armor

Heal: lvl 20 (20), lvl 30 (30)

Spr: -

Glass Cannon/Heal Build/Hybrid

Try your best too be buffed up when you PK/PVP and sometimes use Attack Accel buff when fighting Monsters.