Avalon isle

General InformationEdit

Avalon Isle (Avalon) is an island off the west coast of Requies Beach. This island consists of an outer beach area, and an inner jungle that is accessible from the north side of the island. Avalon Isle is a popular farming location for Tier 3 Legendary items (T3).


Avalon Isle is only accessible by speaking with Bingo (Teleport NPC) on the docks of Requies Beach. A player must be level 85 and complete the quest unknown for Bingo to teleport him/her.

  • Required Level: 85
  • Teleport NPC: Bingo
  • Teleport Cost: 10000 DIL

Due to the high cost of teleporting to Requies Beach (Docks), then to Avalon Isle, players often teleport to Denebe and run through Requies Beach.

To leave Avalon Isle, speak with Molokai (Teleport NPC), who will teleport a player back to Requies Beach for a fee of 10000 DIL.



Monsters are listed in order of level


There is one boss Named Favnil. He is part of the level 100 quest "master of avalon"


These quests start in Avalon Isle


You can fish at the top of the Map. You simply "drive" there with a boat.