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Attributes affects how high a player can hit , how much health (HP) they have, their amount of mana (MP), and their armor.

List of attributes[]

Used especially to increase the power of physical attacks.
Especially important to skill-based characters, such as the Hunter and the Segnale. Dexterity also adds to the character's basic defense. Summoners do not require this skill.
Adds to health (HP)and physical defense. Useful For Bagi Tanker And Dagger Hunters.
Spirit = Mana, the special energy required to use magical skills. The more Mana, the more you can cast or use magical abilities, and the stronger their effect will be. Many characters use Mana for their special attacks. Therefore, some Spirit is useful for all characters, but is especially necessary for the more magical characters like Incar Magicians, Summoners, and Segnales.